Responsive Web Development

Custom Web Application Development Services

Here at Crucible Development Labs we develop custom Web Applications that are responsive and focus on the user experience as much as the Backend Architecture of the application. This will ensure that not only are your customers blown away with the ability to seamlessly use your new system on their desktops, tablets and phones but also that your business stakeholders are thrilled about the performance and scalability of their new application. Our custom built applications allow companies to achieve anything from process improvement goals within a division to an enterprise web application that is the motor behind keeping your company running. So whether you need a simple web application or a S.a.a.S. based systems to service thousands of daily users, our development team and process will deliver a winning solution for your needs and business goals.
Blended Development Process

At Crucible Development Labs we run a blended method of Agile and Waterfall because we know our clients want to both get all the known requirements on the table, but also need the flexibility to add or remove a feature once in the development phase. We focus on the quickly documenting known requirements and understanding the User Interface Design (Colors, Branding, Logo, desired look and feel of the site, etc..) before beginning to develop the application. Once the known Requirements and User Interface are documented we move into bi-weekly sprints. This allows for fast feedback loops on the new features developed and allows our clients to make small change requests during development without the pain and cost of standard change requests. All of our projects are always followed up with a round of Manual Testing and User Acceptance Testing to ensure the application is meeting all business goals and requirements.


Discovery & Requirements

During the Discovery and Requirements Phase we send time getting to know the ins and outs of every business goal and business rule that is need to make your system a success for both you and your clients. We document all of the known requirement before starting development to ensure that the development team has a clear path to success and that your business rules are implemented properly.

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User Interface Design

A well-designed responsive User Interface will provide the user with an easy and efficient User Experience across their desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Our goal is to ensure a design that is aesthetically appealing, and that anyone using the application will be able to easily navigate, accomplish their goals and recommend the application to others. One of our core beliefs is that if you need a tutorial to navigate the software then you’ve failed at designing the user interface and experience.

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Development Sprints

During development we stay in tune with our clients to ensure that all critical paths through the system are functioning as expected and that all business rules are being met. By providing bi-weekly deployments we create fast feedback loops allowing for maximum productivity and time to market with your application. We never want a client to experience the pain of waiting 6 months for a large project just to find out it isn’t working as expected.

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Manual & Automated QA

Manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services to ensure that both front-end and back-end components of the application work properly and as initially designed. We provide performance review, compatibility, usability analysis, security and more to guarantee optimal performance.

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