Lead Generation

Why Inbound Marketing?

A strategic approach to inbound marketing allows your sales team to work smarter not harder when attracting new prospects. With a strong strategy, industry-leading software and buyer insights, we have the tools and resources to target your audience and present them with the information they need to making a purchasing decision. By increasing interest and brand awareness, we fill the funnel with qualified leads and send them to your sales team when they are actually ready to purchase.

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Buyer's Journey Mapping

Understanding your customer’s personas and the journey that each lead goes through while making their purchase decisions is a critical piece of information to ensure successful conversion of prospects into customers. We position ourselves in your buyer’s shoes and map out the journey from product awareness, evaluation, and ultimately the purchase. These insights along with known market data allows us to drive qualified leads into the pipeline and then nurture them into sales.

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CRM Strategy & Implementation

Once your understand your potential buyers and have an established marketing funnel developed, you must capture and maintain each of those leads. There are many powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools on the market such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Sage, and Dynamics. It is imperative that you pick the right tool for your needs. The wrong platform configured in the wrong way will decrease conversion rates and slow the growth of your company. Our goal for any CRM is to drive sales growth, improve customer service relationships, and assist in customer retention.

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Lead Generation & Nuturing

Lead Generation in the digital age is more than keeping your sales funnel full of leads so that your sales team or website can convert. In today’s world of the “informed buyer”, you must stay connected with your leads during the buyers journey. You must also continually deliver relevant information that separates your business from the competition. We utilize a host of automated tools and in-house processes to ensure that your leads are being nurtured during their journey. This can result in up to 50% more sales ready leads with up to 47% of these leads making larger purchases than initially expected.

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